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How to Create Customized Windows Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery is a powerful utility that will make your life easier. Using it properly, you will be able to save your photos to your hard drive and keep them organized so that you are able to find them quickly when they need to be.
One important aspect of using this program is that you will need to decide whether you want to use the default settings or whether you want to customize them. The first choice is easy because most of the time, the default settings will do just fine. However, if you want to make the Photo Gallery even more powerful, you can make some changes to the default settings and customize them.
If you want to customize the settings, you need to select the Photo Gallery and then click on "Customize". By default, the Photo Gallery is set to have five main sections, but you can change these in order to create a more customized layout.

When you first open the Photo Gallery, you will notice that there are four sections that will take up most of the screen space. You will also notice that all of the sections are currently empty.
In order to add any new items to these sections, you need to click on the "Add" button in the lower right corner of the section that you want to edit. The easiest way to see what sections are already available is to simply look at the top of the screen.
From the "Info" section, you will be able to see what each section contains. In order to add any new items to the sections, you will need to navigate to the "Attachments" section.
Here, you will be able to add any pictures that you want to display on the left side of the screen with the Camera Buttons. The next section you will want to focus on is the "Photos" section.
There is actually more than one way to display all of your photos. To access the section, you will need to click on the "Photo Gallery" link in the lower right corner of the screen.
The third section, you will want to focus on is the "My Photos" section. This is where you will store all of your other Windows Photo Gallery downloads.
The last section is called the "Share" section and it will store any other links that you have created. When you first download the software, you will only see the "Start" button and then you will be able to browse for any of the options that you want.
All of the basic details about the program will be stored in this section. For the most part, it is empty.

By creating the sections mentioned above, you will be able to customize the Photo Gallery settings that you use on a regular basis. Therefore, you will be able to take advantage of the different features that Windows Photo Gallery provides.